Carlos Silva

Professional Objective

I enjoy working with passionate individuals turning ideas into great products and services that make our world a better place. I'm currently interested in building state of the art Web applications where I can apply all of my software development skills, from hands-on coding to team-leadership/mentoring, collaborative project planning, system architecture, design, usability, and software process improvement.

Career Summary

I've been working in the Silicon Valley high technology industry for more than 15 years for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups. I have been a key contributor in building and launching state of the art web applications that solve real world problems. My focus has been in using technology to elegantly address needs that create opportunities and value for people. High emphasis on simple, secure, Web applications.

Employment History

Senior Principal Software Engineer
I am one of the lead engineers that designed and implemented a complete re-architecture of our Managed PKI Service , one of the most secure systems in the world.
  • Lead developer for web applications.
  • Web application security lead.
Founder and Principal Consultant
As a consultant I've helped establish software engineering practices while developing the core products of various companies using agile methodologies.
  • Designed, developed, and launched Casa de Silva . (Ruby, Sinatra, Haml)
  • Designed, developed, and launched (Ruby on Rails). Responsible for all the aspects of the web site (user experience, user interface, look & feel, web development, production operations)
  • Designed, and developed a web application for carbon modeling . (Ruby on Rails)
  • Designed, developed, and launched a Linux-based appliance for eDiscovery
  • Designed and developed a framework for pipeline processing of large amounts of unstructured data. (Java)
  • Web security assessments and code remediation. (Ruby on Rails)
  • Technology selection, and software process improvements
At CircleShare we made it simple for consumers to have their digital photos where ever they wanted them, be their favorite web sites, on multiple PCs, or on their cell phones. We leveraged the power of native applications with the accessibility of the web to deliver a simple but powerful service for the consumer.
  • In charge of operations for the company.
  • Designed, developed, and launched photo sharing functionality for cell phones and PCs. (Ruby on Rails, and Scala)
  • Designed, developed, and launched the overall web site user interface. (Ruby on Rails, Scala, HTML, jQuery)
Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed, developed and launched the VeriSign ID Protection Center . A consumer service for purchasing, provisioning, and management of second factor authentication credentials.
  • Researched, modified, and introduced software frameworks and best practices to be used across our company.
  • Security architect for VeriSign's security council responsible for security guidelines, reviews, and recommendations of all new services within the company.
  • Designed, developed and launched the first XKMS server and client, producing practical feedback for the XKMS specification which VeriSign submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Established web services design guidelines for the company.
Software Architect
Nanobiz was a small technology start-up where we developed the first IDE and runtime environment for web services development.
  • Responsible for the research, design, development, and testing, of all XML data structures used in our systems and products as well as some of our Java components.
  • Responsible for taking advantage of technology recommendations and standards published by the W3C, IETF, and OASIS.
As part of Cisco's worldwide finance group, we were in charge of delivering web based financial reporting to the office of the CFO.
  • Designed, developed and maintained web-based software applications and tools to support and assist Cisco's worldwide finance organizations.
  • Responsible for the research, recommendation, and implementation of new technologies and processes to streamline development.
  • Designed and developed new internal web based software applications to support worldwide telesales and field reps. (Perl CGI, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Designed, and developed a searchable web based sales rep directory, a marketing information portal, and an application to data mine a sales commissions data base. (Perl CGI, HTML, JavaScript)
Cheetah was a small technology start-up where we developed one of the first interactive web based conferencing services. Our service enabled some of the first live Internet broadcasts for such clients as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, NASA and others.
  • Launched my first web based commercial application where I designed and developed all the user interface using Java, HTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI, and PhotoShop.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the Internet and Intranet sites. (HTML, JavaScript, Perl CGI)
  • Installed, configured, maintained, and tuned the Netscape and Microsoft web servers to host our production service.


Santa Clara University
Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Operations Management and Information Systems, June 1998
De Anza College
A. A., Liberal Arts, June 1996

Technology Ingredients

Technologies, concepts, languages, and other things I've used in the past:

Active Merchant, Active Record, Active Resource, AJAX, AngularJS, Ant, AOP, Apache httpd, Authlogic, BDD, Burlap, Capistrano, COMET, Cucumber, Cryptography, CSS, CVS, DHTML, DWR, EC2, Engine Yard, Factory Girl, Flex, Functional Programming, Git, Gorm, Grails, Groovy, GWT, Haml, Heroku, Hibernate, HTML, Ibatis, IID, IoC, J2EE, J2SE, JAAS, Java, JavaScript, JBehave, JDBC, Jetty, jQuery, JSON, JSP, JUnit, Lucene, MySql, Nutch, OOP, Oracle, PL/SQL, POSIX Shell, Shoulda, Postgres, Ruby on Rails, Rake, REST, Ruby, S3, SAML, Sass, Scala, Scrum, Selenium, Servlets, SOAP, Spring, SproutCore, SSL, SSO, Subversion, TDD, Tomcat, Two Factor Authentication, WebLogic, WebWork, WSDL, XHTML, XKMS, XML, XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, Yaml.